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Welcome to the versatile realm of Alternative Rock, a genre that defies easy classification and embraces a spectrum of sonic possibilities. Rooted in the rebellious spirit of the '80s and '90s, Alternative Rock serves as a melting pot for diverse influences, incorporating elements of punk, post-punk, new wave, and beyond. With its emphasis on unconventional sounds, poignant lyrics, and a penchant for pushing musical boundaries, Alternative Rock has become a sanctuary for those seeking a departure from the mainstream. From the angsty anthems of Nirvana to the sonic landscapes of Radiohead, this genre continues to evolve, offering a space for artists to experiment, innovate, and challenge the status quo.

  • Exclusive - One of a kind tracks - Only Sold once

    Introducing our exclusive royalty-free master file track – for those who crave originality and impact. Crafted with precision and passion, this track is more than just music; it's a unique signature that will set your project apart. Each track is only sold one time, making it exclusively yours.

  • Royalty Free

    These royalty-free music tracks are compositions or sound recordings that come with a license allowing users to use the music without the need to pay ongoing royalties or fees for each use. The license typically grants users the right to use the music for various purposes, both personal and commercial, without additional costs.

  • Full stems

    By providing a full stack of stems, these tracks offer versatility to other producers, mix engineers, or collaborators, allowing them to have granular control over individual elements and tailor the sound to their specific needs.

Available New Wave ALT Rock Producer Tracks

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Alternative Rock - Vol. 1 (exclusive single license per track)

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What you are getting with purchase:

-Exclusive rights to the individual track (This track is only sold/licensed once)

-Digital download of master track (full stacks, wave file stems) 

-Exclusive royalty free license for the track that can be used commercially 

-All audio is created in house (the audio is unique and one of a kind)


Download size

Track 1 - 386 MB

Track 2 - 487 MB

Track 3 - 537 MB

Track 4 - 537 MB

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